Latin Quarter - Nothing Like Velvet
1Truth About John (1990 Recording)3:35
2Nothing Like Velvet (Demo)3:30
3See Him! (Sucker For Punishment)5:15
4February 1990 (Demo)1:44
5Race Me Down (Felipe’s Song) (Demo)4:08
6Toulouse (Megahertz Version)5:02
7Wir Töten, Was Wir Lieben4:15
8Radio Africa3:53
9Snow Blind (Live)3:45
10The Colour Scheme3:28
11The Big Pool (Live)4:23
12It Makes My Heart Stop Speaking4:04
13The New Millionaires3:35
14Pyramid Label (Extended Version)6:04
15The Men Below4:38
16America For Beginners (Extended Remix)8:06
  • Released: 1990
  • RCA 74321 27413 2

Album Credits

Additional Musicians
Kate St John – Sax (“February 1990”)
Drums – Dave Charles (“Snow Blind” and “See Him!”)

James Swinson

Album Notes

This is not a “Best Of…” album. Although we have included tracks like “Radio Africa”, our main aim has been to provide songs or recordings that are not already available – and to do it in a way that shows a cross-section of our life as a band: studio recordings, bedroom demo recordings and some live recordings.

There was a temptations as we compiled the album, to go back and try and change some of the tracks, to touch them up. But with small and easy exceptions, we’ve avoided that temptation. The bedroom demos remain the bedroom demos − cheap drum machines, microphone and all − and the live tracks … well we had a little choice. “See Him” and “Snow Blind” are exactly as they went to tape in Bochum, West Germany, sometime in February or March 1986. So yes, the voice on “Snow Blind” does only come up one side of the stereo, and no, there is no need to adjust your sets.