Latin Quarter - Nothing Like Velvet

Song Description

The idea for this song came from a true story: An entrepreneur is subsidised by the government to develop a new type of car and to build the factory needed to mass produce it. But only a few of the cars are sold and the entrepreneur gets into financial difficulties. So he has the idea of to gain a new source of cash by smuggling cocaine. But the police lay a trap for him and the deal fails. After that the whole project died. The remaining cars are only of use as museum pieces. Everyone involved with the project had closed their eyes to its problems until it was too late: The workers, who didn’t want to lose their jobs; the government, that didn’t want to admit their wasted investment.

Verse one: The workers are being driven to the factory in buses on a cold morning. Their lunch is as monotonous as the work on the assembly line. Verse two: In the relevant Ministry. The curve of the sales prognosis is steeply uphill. After all, the entrepreneur has had great successes in the past. So one doesn’t look at the plans for the new cars too closely. Verse three: Commercial catch phrases for the new car are strung together. In Bogota the cocaine connection is disturbed. Snow: Slang for cocaine. Snow blind: Here a symbol for the losses that the projects participants incurred. Henry Ford: Rationalised production and introduced the assembly line. Bogota: Capital of Colombia and the biggest cocaine producer.

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