Latin Quarter Trio - Colour Scheme Tour

Latin Quarter Trio – 2019 Tour

Latin Quarter Trio, consisting of Steve Skaith, Steve Jeffries and Mary Carewe, will be tour in March / April 2019 in Germany.

Latin Quarter band 2014

Greg and Yona leave Latin Quarter

Sadly Greg and Yona have decided to leave Latin Quarter. The following was posted by Steve Skaith on the Latin Quarter Ocean Head Facebook page:

Latin Quarter band 2014

Latin Quarter New Album for 2014

The record contains 10 new songs, composed by different members of the band and once again many lyrics by Mike Jones. Guest musicians include Chris Rea.

Latin Quarter German Tour 2012

Latin Quarter are to play 17 gigs in Germany beginning on the 22 February 2012 to promote the new album Ocean Head.

New Latin Quarter album and tour

Five of the original members of Latin Quarter (Yona Dunsford, Steve Jeffries, Greg Harewood, Steve Skaith and Mike Jones) are back working together after 21 years!