Steve Skaith in Mexico

Downtown Mexico City The plaintive cries and shrill notes of a trumpet punctuate the roar of the traffic and the hum of electricity the Mariachi’s

Mike Jones with Consumable

By Reto Koradi – Consumable, Issue 110, May 28, 1997 Some people may remember Latin Quarter from their minor hit ‘Radio Africa’ more than 10

Moral Music in Demoralising Times

Modesty and reserve are not prerequisites in the pop world. As we know, the opposite is the case. It is considered even more of a

Latin Quarter in the Marburger Audimax

Sometimes Cynical, Sometimes Tender Who still remembers their huge hit from the mid-eighties? In “Radio Africa” the Birmingham (sic) band Latin Quarter reflected the social

Good Times with Steve Skaith

By Claudia Wedeleit Latin Quarter are touring Germany with a new CD. With new songs and a new band, Steve Skaith and Richard Wright are

Singing for Amnesty out of Conviction

The duo Latin Quarter are standing up for human rights – Thorsten Winter spoke with the band. “I’m hearing only bad news on Radio Africa,

The Latin Quarter Story

By Peter Seeger In 1985 a young British group with the name of Latin Quarter managed the breakthrough that – at least musically – swam

Four Hours of Folk for Human Rights

Latin Quarter and The Dostoyevskys played in the Audiomax Station on their Amnesty International Tour In general, pop concerts are firstly judged by how many

Swimming Against The Stream

For the third time the British melancholics have appeared with an album – SWIMMING AGAINST THE STREAM – dominated by Steve Skaith’s mournful singing, which

Latin Quarter at Rock for Peace GDR

The lyricist Mike Jones from Wales writes realistic, critical poems. He has got a friend in Liverpool, the musician Steve Skaith. Both meet in London

Arista’s Latin Quarter Biography

How to mix pop and politics without sounding like a bunch of Singing Leaflets? Somehow Latin Quarter have found that magic formula – the perfect