Not every lyric I’ve written has been converted into a song. And not every song I’ve co-written has been written with Steve – although probably 95 percent have been. There are several more songs that appeared in the live-set that most fans will be unaware of, there are also many songs that were demo’d but never made it either to an album or to the live set.

Of the demos, the early ones really are ‘early’ – two people learning how to write. I think (a very gloomy) album could consist of Another Night’s Broken Glass, She’s a Rebel (which is great), Even Superman is Dead, Gave Somebody a Night, Other Mothers, That’s Why I Turned My Badge In, Jerry Medley (original version) and She Can Afford the Dogs. Predominantly these are ‘Steve’ songs. Jerry Medley (early demo version) is brilliant, way better than the B-Side recording.


Ten For a Raid
Last Bus to Broadway
Cooling Out
Dream in the Day-time
Charlie Ain’t a Baby Anymore
Destination Peppermint
Take Out the Poor
Another Night’s Broken Glass
Night School
The Big Pit’s a Museum
Your Last Show
Corinne’s Room
Call Me ‘Auguste’
Tent City
She Can Afford the Dogs
Keeping My Head
Start to Move
Cut The Cord
She’s A Rebel
Even Superman is Dead
Little Buddy
Gave Somebody a Night
Other Mothers
That’s Why I Turned My Badge In
New Toys
Why I Turned My Badge In

Look Away
No Family Album
Shot at Romance
Natural Balance
One Big Happy (Across the Atlantic)
A Bit Part in Life Itself
Copra Trading
Another Name
Back to the Well
Bone and Skin – Mike on vocals!
He Left
David in the Rock
No Mans Land
The Wizard of ‘Because’
Take it to Miriam
Savage Earth
Sister World
Crystal Clear
Friday’s Child
The Lies Shadows Tell
Shot At Romance
Love is a Nova
When Time are Hard
Auto Is (As Auto Does)
How Many New Toys

Of the unrecorded Latin Quarter material then Che’s Ghost, The Big Pool, and One Stone, the Avalanche stand up. Night School should have been on Mick and Caroline but didn’t make it (neither did One Fell Swoop). Hearts Don’t Stop Beating on Their Own was a mainstay encore of one particular tour but was a kind of throwaway. Corruption was a Swimming Against the Stream contender but didn’t swing – it lasted about six shows, and The Right (not The Night) lasted ONE performance – in Birmingham!!


See Him
Snow Blind
This Side of Midnight
Jerry Medley
Across the Atlantic
The Right
Titles You Can’t Hire
The Colour Scheme

Night School
Che’s Ghost
The Big Pool
Hearts Don’t Stop Beating on Their Own
Start to Move
One Stone, the Avalanche

Mike Jones, March 2001