This is just a song. It does not propose a solution to the refugee crisis – though I guess that would be a combination of serious and generous aid to existing refugee camps; humane and well-managed acceptance of refugees throughout Europe, the middle East and further; and an acceptance that some refugees will be temporary and others permanent.

But nothing will be easy, especially as both main sides in the Syrian civil war (where most refugees are from right now) are guilty of terrible acts of murder and mayhem.

But there is still a reason for the song – against those racists who reject them on ‘principle’, and those others who try and insinuate that many of these people are not really refugees and are tricking us out of aid.

History constantly throws up refugees – people just like us who have to escape their homeland, because like us they want to live and see their family and friends live. It’s a crisis no one wants, it creates problems that no one wants. But it is a crisis we have to face. A humanity we have to find.

We can’t turn back the clock
We can’t just close our eyes.

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