1Do Without Aladdin4:05
2Hidden Hand4:06
3Gave Somebody a Night3:53
4Imaginary Friend3:29
6Whisky, Hatha-Yoga3:59
7How Many New Toys?2:49
8Stranger at Your Door5:01
9The Emperor3:57
10Adios For Now6:56
  • Released: 2007
  • Westpark Music pläne 88943

“Imaginary Friend” was chosen as the title track of the album because for me it’s the most ‘important’ lyric – by which I mean the one I most want to be heard. There was a problem though in working out what relation this would have to the rest of the album and the more personal lyrics that we were using. At first, the idea we had for the album cover didn’t really help this. Fortunately the record company (politely) rejected our cover idea and came up with the photo that we are now using. This suddenly gave more coherence to the album because the image has a strong sense of loneliness and isolation and this relates quite directly to the themes of some of the other songs.

These other songs are all Mike Jones’ lyrics and old lyrics at that. They come from the archive I have of his lyrics which I turn to most times I want to write a song. To be honest, Mike is not exactly thrilled that these lyrics are now seeing the light of day and claims not to particularly remember why he wrote some of them. For me though, they definitely resonate and form an interesting counterpart to the more optimistic tone of “Life” and “Adios for Now”.


The Steve Skaith Band is:
Steve Skaith – guitar and vocals
Ricardo Serrano – Drums and percussion
Beto Tenorio – Bass guitars
Luis Guttierez – violin

Chorus in “Life” and “Adios for Now”: Elena García Alvarado, Fernanda García Alvarado, Oscar Javier Rico Reyes, Miguel Angel Rodriguez Soto, Livia Iliana Salmerón García, Teresa Romero Tovar, Raquel Díaz Gómez plus Ricardo, Beto and Luis.
Acoustic guitar solo in “Adios for Now” – Richard Wright
Electric guitar in “Adios for Now” – Oscar Rico

Produced and mixed by Steve Skaith, Ricardo Serrano and Fermín Vázquez Llera in Drumheaven Studio-Borotijas Records, Mexico City, May -November 2006.
Engineered by Fermin Vazquéz Llera.

Mastered by Salvador Tercero

(c) 2007 Westpark Music, Cologne