Steve Steve Band - Imaginary Friend


We were talking, but who’s talking when things are left unsaid?
What’s the point? Let’s just jump straight into bed.
Cos if it works then use it
If we don’t we’re gonna lose it.
This melody goes round and round in my head.

I’ve been talking in parties
I’ve been talking in pubs
Been talking in circles
In late night drinking clubs
And though there’s still so far to go
There’s one thing that I do know
I can do without Aladdin
But I’d like to use the lamp that he rubs.

You take my number,you say you’ll call me the very next day
I know you won’t but I sit here hoping you may
Please use my code, don’t file it
I’ll explode, please dial it
I’m close to the last of the notes that I can play

(Repeat Chorus)

You’re just playing – there’s nothing here to tell me I’m wrong
And I’m lost in a place I’ve been too long
Oh it’s a trap, I know it is
There’s no map to show it is
I’ll never stop singing the words to this damn song.

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Song Description

I think the lyrics of this are pretty straightforward and I think we’ve all been there wishing for some magic, short-cut solutions to a problem or two. I included this song with confidence because for the first 9 months of his life it was my son’s favourite song and always, but always, grabbed his attention, making him smile and even getting him into some primitive dancing. This must mean it is catchy, surely!

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