Steve Steve Band - Imaginary Friend


Ceaseless, ceaseless in the street below
All my fellow city dwellers they just come and go
So many waves to make a tide
So many miss, so few collide.


But still I, I don’t understand
Is everything unplanned?
Do these days go down at random?
Or is there a hidden hand?
Or is there a hidden hand?

Speechless, speechless I can’t seem to say
If matter is more than atom’s motion, are you this way?
Is the answer safe in science books?
Or wild and free in lovers’ looks?

(Repeat Chorus)

Cos if there is then I wanna shake it
I wanna put a drink in there
I’ll ay tell me fingers how d’ya make it?
Just what’s it like being everywhere?
What’s it like being everywhere?

Breathless, breathless from the race I’ve run.
Chasing explanations and now here comes the sun
Kept me thinking, kept me thinking through the night
By ever shrinking, ever shrinking candle light.

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Song Description

Actually there were moments when I wondered whether we should include this song, though I always liked it musically. It’s an old Mike Jones lyric but for me it’s a song not about whether there is a God in the watching, judgemental sense but what the universe is all about and how come it seems to work. Plus, how difficult it is for us to get our heads round it conceptually: the universe had to have a beginning but how does something start if there is nothing before it? I particularly like the last verse and the picture of someone staying up all night trying to fathom out what it all means and getting nowhere.

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