Steve Steve Band - Imaginary Friend


From the first cup of coffee in the morning
To the last glass of beer at night

For the times that I’ve had my heart broken
To the times time came along to put it right
For all the goals in the park I still remember
And those dropped catches I would like to forget
For the friends who’ve explained this world to me
And for those that I still haven’t met


Oh this life, I want more
When they say that was your life
I’ll say come on give me 5 more

Now,  daddy finally makes a debut
I hope this kid will understand
It’s Saturday, don’t want to be changing these things
I should be out with a rock and roll band
And if he thinks he gets round me with a gurgle
If he thinks he breaks my heart with his smile
Kid’s got to learn life ain’t  easy
Oh well- I guess  it could be for a while…..

(Repeat Chorus)
En esta vida, yo quiero más
Eso fue tu vida
Dame cinco más

I ain’t singing about the guy who works for peanuts in some factory
I ain’t singing about the woman tricked and sold into the bedroom
I ain’t singing about the kid who wakes up hungry in some desert
Sometimes the things you know
Don’t always point in the same direction.


Song Description

Actually God nearly appeared in this song because at one stage I had the line ‘When God says that was your life/I’ll say I don’t believe in you/But as you’re here, give me 5 more.’ I liked it but it didn’t fit. This is a song I wrote one night, thinking about impending fatherhood. The line ‘Daddy makes his debut’ is actually stolen from a Mike Jones song from years ago that is probably now forgotten (but that line always stuck in my head.)

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