Steve Steve Band - Imaginary Friend


If I said the world was flat
And dragons waited at the edge
You’d kind of laugh. Oh wouldn’t you?

If I said the moon was cheese
Gorgonzola, maybe Brie
You’d kind of smirk. Yea wouldn’t you?

But He changed water into wine
He died, and then came back to life, you say
And you don’t even blink,. Do you?

That’s some imaginary friend!
That’s your imaginary friend.

And the Red Sea it was parted ,
God’s children liberated
But I have a query:
These shows never happen in living memory?

And the same book says ‘Go take this Land’
Those other folk must understand
They ain’t my children
So His omnipresence ain’t for everyone?

And for those who think that heaven waits
For suicides who kill and mutilate
I thought you said: Your – God- was - Great

Your imaginary friend
That’s your imaginary friend.


Don’t let him tell us who is first and second class.
Don’t let him tell us who is damned and who is blessed
Don’t let him tell us who we should and shouldn’t kill
Don’t let him tell us who we can and cannot love

5,000 die in an earthquake
A survivor blinks into the light and says
‘Thank God for His mercy.’
‘Mercy?!’ Hey where’s your neighbours?’

And we’re living with this modern plague
His messengers say ‘Abstain’s the way.´
Callate! Its condom protection.

And best get it now cos if you believe,
That virgins wait in some paradise
Something just got lost in translation

By your imaginary friend
Just your imaginary friend

(Repeat chorus)

If I said the world was flat
And dragons waited at the edge
You’d kind of laugh. Wouldn’t you?

Song Description

This is an atheist song pure and simple. Not only because of the appalling effect of religious fundamentalism in the world, but because it seems to me absurd for anyone at all to believe that there is a ‘Being’ out there who planned our creation, watches us, judges us and one day will reward or punish us. It really is like believing in the fairies or, as the song says, that the world is flat. I don’t deny spirituality or the as yet unexplained wonder of the universe, but God? It defies all evidence. Fundamentalist and liberal believers alike all have to resort to ‘faith’ to justify their beliefs and in a way the Liberals – even leading open and progressive lives – do help to sustain the fundamentalists by sharing the view that truth comes from above. How can we ever hope to have alternatives to the ridiculous war on terror, war on drugs, war on sexual freedom,if we believe some heavenly father is instructing us. Sorry, I can’t swallow any of it.

(Thanks to Azundris for the title and idea for this song.)

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