Album Credits

Latin Quarter
Yona Dunsford – Vocals and Keyboards
Greg Harewood – The Bass Guitar
Mike Jones – Lyrics
Steve Skaith – Vocals
Richard Wright – Guitars

Additional Musicians
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
Denny Fongheiser: Drums
Judy Gameral: Concertina & Hammer Dulcimer
David Lindley: Violin, Mandolin, Banfo, Hawaian Guitar
Tony Waerea: Didgeridoo
Steve Sidelynck: Additional percussion on “Dominion”
Jerk Bondy: Drums & Synth programming on “Dominion”
Jane McCord: Military snare drum on “After Maralinga” along with Greg and Richard
Additional Vocals: David Kershenbaum, Greg, Richard, and Mike
Muscians who helped in the demo stage of the album: Robin Williams, Graham Fuller, Mauricio Venegas

Production Credits
Produced by David Kershenbaum and Paul McKenna

Engineered and Mixed by Paul McKenna

Assistant Engineers: Craig Doubet, Willy Joe Bob Levins, Jane McCord
Mastered by Steve Hall

James Swinson


John Aizlewood (of Q Magazine) described the album as ‘Inspired’, praising “Mike Jones’ excellent and uncompromising lyrics whilst Jones himself neither plays nor sings (save for the occasional backing vocal). Steve Skaith is an ideal mouthpiece for Jones. His unique voice, earnest, pleading and yet restrained, gives a distinct pathos and credence to Jones’ heartfelt semi-pose.”

Anthony Denselow in The Sound magazine wrote: “Latin Quarter have a pop album of enduring good quality… producers David Kershenbaum and Paul McKenna have given their sound a wonderful new sheen and confidence. “Swimming Against The Stream” is full of easy swinging melodies, offbeat musical ideas and challenging lyrical suggestions. Steve Skaith’s clear, high singing voice (on great form) is played off against Yona Dunsford’s equally sweet vocals, in some truly mellow pop choruses… It’s haunting stuff.”