Latin Quarter - The Imagination of Thieves


I remember crystal trees, swimming round with honey bees
Walking over seven seas, tender hearts and open pleas
I remember moving lakes, running round in funny shapes
Living with all of my mistakes, the push and pull, the give and takes
I remember your love.

I remember Philadelphia
New York City
Niagara Falls that day
My God you looked so pretty
Flying home, holding hands
Over the Manhattan skyline
The promises we made but never kept
On Lime Street Station
The last time
I remember your love.

I remember waterfalls, grey heights and sunny walls
Singing birds and deep sea calls, stepping out among snowballs
I remember blue-lit hills, a stain slash and powder frills
A credit card for some cheap thrills, steamy breath on window sills
And I remember your love.

Song Description

Looking back on a relationship and one that had been fairly long term. After a break up you tend to look at the negatives. However, after a while, you should recognise there were some really good times. It was also an attempt to try and write a love song from a more positive perspective after many many (too many) negative ones. Has undergone several title changes as the song has evolved. Was originally worked under the title of ‘I Remember’ but was too similar for LQ purposes. We toyed with ‘Clare’s Song’ and then ‘Niagara’ as that’s where my mind first wandered back to when thinking of this but eventually went for ‘The Promise’ as the song progressed. However, having heard the final mix, I think the interim title of ‘The Last Time’ is also just as valid.

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