Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


You measured by certainties that didn’t exist
You accepted forever when you barely had kissed
In a town at a time of a peace that no-one could find
The silk mills, the anthills, the tendrils,
Began to Unwind

You were keeping your balance but losing your feet
Living the gulf between a drum and a beat
It never stopped running, the blood of the contract you signed
The weak wills, the nerve pills, the treadmills,
Began to Unwind

You knew how many fractures make up a big break
But it took without giving and left you to shake
Forging ahead but somehow always falling behind
The cheap thrills, the stand stills, the bar bills,
Began to Unwind

A lover too late after a premature wife
Touching the limits of a limitless life
In the teeth of a gale as it bit and started to grind
The saw mills, the drink spills, the untils,
Began to Unwind

You measured by certainties you only invented
In a life that you paid for but still only rented
You figured that leaving was kinder than being unkind
The wind chills, the windmills, the free wills,
Began to Unwind

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Latin Quarter - Ocean Head

Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


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