DE Album Credits

Latin Quarter
Yona Dunsford – vocals
Steve Jeffries – keyboards
Greg Harewood – bass
Steve Skaith – vocals, guitar
Mike Jones – lyrics

Engineered, produced mixed and mastered by Steve Jeffries.

Additional Musicians

Dan See: Drums
Bob Jenkins: Drums on ‚Love Can Sometimes Fail‘, ‚Ocean Head‘ and ‚Another Night’s Broken Glass‘
Ralph Salmins: Drums on ‚The Last Flight of Dag Hammarskjold‘
Laura McWilliam: Violin on ‚Walking on the Wind‘
Lenny Zakatek, Mary Carewe, Emily Carewe-Jeffries and Becky Carewe-Jeffries: Additional Backing Vocals


Latin Quarter photos by Claudia J. Diaz Garcia
Artwork by Neomania Design

(c) 2012 Westpark Music,


‘…one of the most exquisite albums to ever come out of England.’

That is how the New York Daily News described ‘Modern Times’ the debut album of the group Latin Quarter in 1986. In Germany too it was received with great enthusiasm and went on to sell nearly 250.000 copies. In total, Latin Quarter made 6 critically acclaimed albums before finally splitting up in 1998.

Now, five of the original band members are back together with a new acoustic-pop album, entitled „Ocean Head“. The album, to be released in Europe on February 17, 2012, contains 10 new and 1 older song, and combines the political and the personal themes for which Latin Quarter have always been renowned.