Latin Quarter - Even Superman (Is Dead)


Even Superman, even Superman is dead
But there’s still bucks to be built out of the rubble where he bled
Take his cape and cut it into squares
And sell it long to uncertain people to show them someone cares.

Take the kryptonite and bury it in lead
Tell the world, tell the world that doesn’t wait
Tell the world that even Superman is dead.

Take his bright insignia take his gold and molten shield
Prepare your eyes for the sight of all the dread that it conceals.
Take Metropolis, take his love for Lois Lane
And ask ourselves why the hell we thought he’d ever kept us sane.

Even Superman’s no more
But can you answer the question
‘What did we invent him for?’
Even Superman’s expired
Too weak to wrestle with the world that he inspired.

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Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


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