Latin Quarter - Brining Rosa Home


We start so small, there's so much to us
Who builds the walls we can never rise above?
I can tear them for you
Tear them down, but I'm not going to drown for you

Someone rocked you on the deep
Someone rocked you off to sleep
Now I'm rocking you awake
How much rocking can you take
Rock you ready now to walk the waves instead
Wake up, wake up, Ocean Head

We work so hard, we live for working
Where are the stars? If we could only raise our head
I can hand them down to you
Hand them down, but I'm not going to drown for you


And let the sea come crashing in
Let it take you up again
And let it pound upon your shore
Let its love become your law
But it can't wash out whatever came before

We are so wise but there's no-one listening
Who starts the lies? Who keeps us prisoners?
I can burn them down for you
Burn them down, but I'm not ging to drown for you


Lied Erklärungen

Manchmal triffst du jemanden, der scheinbar für Jahre weggeschlossen war – eher emotional als körperlich und manchmal hast du den Schlüssel, der ihn befreit – aber mit dieser Befreiung übernimmst du auch eine gewaltige Verantwortung… Mike Jones


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Latin Quarter - Ocean Head

Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


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