Latin Quarter - Long Pig

Album Credits

Latin Quarter
Mike Jones – lyrics and remote control
Steve Skaith – most vocals, some guitar, some keyboards, some programming
Richard Wright – some vocals, most guitar, most keyboards, and most programming

Special Guest
Yona Dunsford – backing vocals, vocals on ‘The Desert Rose’

Additional Musicians
Martin Lascelles : Additonal drum programming
Martin Ditcham : Drums and percussion
Willy Levins : Bass and E-bow guitar, raga bass on ‘The Long Pig’
Silvin Marc : Bass on ‘Phil Ochs’ and ‘More Than A Trace’
John McKenzie : Bass on ‘The Long Pig’
Matt Cottam : Violin
Siobhan Culhane : Accordion and whistle
Steve Gregory : Clarinet, Saxophone
Johnathan Leathwood : Banjo
Aideen Curtis : Tampura

Gospel chorus on ‘Like A Miracle’:
Samantha Smith, Mitzie Lewis, Andrea Encinas-Meade, James B. Coleman, Hildia Cambell and Basil Meade.
Arranged by Basil Meade

The Bhundu Boys are:
Rise Kagona : Guitar
Shakespear Kangwena : Guitar
Kenny Chitsvatsva : Drums
Washington Kavhai : Bass

Production Credits
Produced by Steve Skaith and Richard Wright

Engineered and co-produced by Willy Levins
Additional Engineering: Martin Lascelles, Jock Loveband and David Browne
Mixed by Martin Lascelles with David Browne
Mastered by Arun Chakraverty

Cover Photos by Hartmut Bühler
Latin Quarter Photos by James Swinson
Design by Monika Vossenkaul
Art Direction by Alexej Werschbizkij & Uli Simon


The most musically diverse Latin Quarter since ‘Modern Times’.

Best Album of 1993 – Peter Seeger editor of Good Times music magazine

Best Album of 1993 – Claudia Wedeleit of Good Times music magazine