Latin Quarter - Long Pig


I said, 'Tell me about it'
She said, 'You wouldn't understand'
Not even with the whole damn book of the Ephesians
Written in the palm of your hand
Not even if the last peacock king of Persia
Wrote 'enough' and 'pity' on the wailing wall
Not even if Begin and the ghost of the Herzl
Were ever once to hear the Mullah's call Still I said, 'Tell me about it'
She said, 'You wouldn't stand a chance'
Not even if Gene and Fred together called
And said 'Please teach us how to dance'
Not even if Jean Paul and Simone de Beauvoir
Turned around to say that
'Thinking if for the birds now amigos, get on your knees
We're coming down to pray'
Coming down to pray -
That love will save
And that the world will keep its promise
Coming down to pray
That harmony can be restored
With all that the fall took from us

But I said, "Tell me about it'
And she said, 'We both already know'
That this God stays in his heaven
While sinners come and go
But there's this one faint hope we cling to
That the worst of us will pay
But don't look for help to history
It's coming down, it's coming down
It's coming down to pray
Coming down to pray

Song Description

None of the old philosophies seem in a position to explain the world, let alone to change it.

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Latin Quarter - Long Pig

Latin Quarter - Long Pig


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