Latin Quarter - Brining Rosa Home


Speaking for myself, there was much that I enjoyed
In fact, I don't regret a single night or day
But loving you was one thing, breaking up another
And the silence that comes easy to you chills me to the bone

Oh I sat on the train, I sang 'Yesterday' (sadly)
As I thought of our last days again and again
By Amsterdam station I still understood nothing
Forever was never this short, never this unexplained

And so I take a bow for my fine, fine, fine
Walk-on part in your life
And so I take a bow for my fine, fine, fine
Walk-on part in your life

Did you go back to his house, behind his door, behind his curtains?
Do the old friends come back round? Do you cook dinner?
Oh I wonder who am I now, as you serve some beef invention
Am I something you don't talk about, something you don't like to mention?


I've been printer, player, agitator
I've tried what I couldn't and missed what I could
I've chased fallen angels, leading ladies
But I guess that's more than a spearcarrier should


Song Description

“The Spearcarrier”… written 6 months later [see “Angel”] when that love affair abruptly and inexplicably stopped. I was so shocked to be so suddenly pushed out of her life and this image came to me: that one day we can be the leading man, the star in someone’s life and the next day nothing. Like an extra, a bit part player, (in Shakespeare) a Spearcarrier. The song didn’t mean to be cruel but it is ironic and a little pointed. Steve Skaith


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Steve Skaith Band - Mexile

Steve Skaith Band - Mexile


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Latin Quarter - Surprised

Latin Quarter - Surprised

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