Latin Quarter - Mick and Caroline


The night's the night, whoevers spending it
The nights not hers, but she is lending it
A love to last? She's not pretending it
So quickly passed, she's not defending it
He talks of wine, his words cascading it
An active life, his hands parading it
To please him now, his eyes persuading it
The night's a lie, there's no evading it

The night's a fire
This engine's speeding to
The night's a crash
This learning curve is leading to
The night's a fire

It's blue and black
And broke, and bleeding too
The night's embrace
Will never stop me needing you
The song that plays, the singers faking it
The step they took, should not have taken it
The beating heart, they both are breaking it
The love they made, they start unmaking it.

Song Description

This song describes how the need for companionship can sometimes lead to relationships that later end badly.

This is the night of nights. But it’s not her night, she’s giving it to someone else and doesn’t pretend that it’s a love that will last. It passes so quickly, but she doesn’t do anything against it. He talks over wine, and with big gestures, about his eventful life. To please him she turns the night into a lie, there’s no evading it. The night’s a fire, a crash this curve is leading to. She’s black, she’s broke, she’s bleeding. The night’s embrace won’t change the fact, that I need you. The song rings out, but the singers are only pretending. What they’ve done, they would have been better off leaving be. Because they’ve destroyed the love in the process. Without a drop of blood hitting the ground one is left behind, internally dead.


  • AStudio Version (4:06)
  • BDemo (4:05)
  • CStudio Version (3:55)