Latin Quarter - Pantomime of Wealth


Standing on tiptoe to see the other side of the world
Dropping the flag they want to show unfurled
Dying with elegance, a swan to fall
You never felt so cold with your back against the wall.
Jet from one to the arms of another
Not quite your friend, not quite your lover
A socialite more sinister, connections on high
Dashing arabesque, fingers to the sky.

A call from your mother, your brother’s in arms
Damage to your family, reputations harmed
Adored by so many but loved by so few
A passion for your artistry but not for the curfew
Enjoying all that the west had to offer
Till that disease that you finally suffered
Stage directions when you stepped into the limelight
Forever outcast, the circumstance of sight.

The lamentable ballet
Choreographed with precision
Republic outrage and crowds of derision
From Moscow to Paris
Turn your back to the old
The Lamentable ballet was being retold
The lamentable ballet was being retold.

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