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I don't believe in human nature
There's more to us than DNA
We are the ones given imagination
There's nothing here that has to be this way

(Chorus) I am a believer in miracles
I am a believer in we
From each depend on their ability
To each, depend on their need
Sounds good to me.
Still sounds good to me

It was a hot day in Mexico City
This man doing handstands on the underground train
Falling over for pennies, the only work he could think of
Covered in dust, embarrassed and shamed


But a miracle is what we'd need.

I read this line on the tube, it went through me
'There's nothing one man won't do to another'
I look around me and I can't disagree
But to try and change this world is worth the pain of failure.
Nothing has to be.
Rich and poor don't have to be.


Song Description

This song was inspired by two things: an article I read in a Spanish newspaper written by a Jesuit priest who said what is paraphrased in the song: trying to make the world a better and fairer place is worth it, even if we fail. And secondly by the incident of the man doing handstands that I saw in my first few months in Mexico City. The pleading look on the young guy’s face as he went through this sad performance, but desperate for money, was really sickening.

Marxism is out of fashion now, seemingly defeated historically, and I for one have no idea how we are going to stem and reverse the horrible forward advance of neo-liberal capitalism. (Though it’s great to see so many people trying). But I wrote this song because basically I still believe what I always believed. I have no idea how these ideas can win and for that reason I’ll say, with one breath, that it’s about believing in miracles. But what else is there to believe in? Capitalism? Greed?

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Steve Skaith Band - Mexile

Steve Skaith Band - Mexile


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