Sadly Greg Harewood and Yona Dunsford have decided to leave Latin Quarter.

The following was posted by Steve Skaith on the Latin Quarter Facebook page:

Disappointing news that I have been reluctant to make official but it isn’t going to change….so ……

Sorry to say that Greg and Yona won’t be playing with us anymore. Well, at least not live. Yona has offered to sing on the next album but doesn’t want to tour and Greg has hung up his Latin Quarter boots for good.

The reasons were partly about motivation so it’s a pity that they never took part in this Facebook page (they don’t do Facebook or anything like it) as they might have been more encouraged and got a stronger feeling about the interest around the band. It is small, admittedly, but very supportive. We have to accept that Latin Quarter is only a cottage industry nowadays but for Jaffa, Martin and I that is still motivating.

Musical differences? There are always these but in our case they weren’t huge and seemed to be mainly about how we presented ourselves on stage. Should we be slicker? Tougher? Less chat more oomph?

But their decision doesn’t mean any falling out and if they develop any new projects we will definitely publicise them here. Of course we feel the disappointment but there is more to come, something sooner than you think. So no resignations out there!