Latin Quarter - Releasing The Sheep


Your telephone is ringing, it’s playing you my song
One that seemed so special way back when
Now there’s a million on your playlist, just cents to sing along
Manhattan’s gone for pretty beads again.
Manhattan’s gone but the penny drops for people now and then.

Oh oh oh oh I’m keeping my head right down
Just look at me now, my eyes to the floor
Oh oh oh oh I’m keeping my head right down
Oh someone’s tied a wolf to the door.

Here’s a crumb of comfort for the wretched of the earth
Here’s the greatest story ever told
It’s got the Jordon river and a virgin giving birth
Wood and nails and pilgrim trails gone cold
And a simple but so enterprising kiss that got him sold.

The world we used to know is now a world of risk
We watch the chaos from the safety of this disk
But oh no oh no, the firewall’s paper thin
Oh no oh no the government’s breaking in
Oh no oh no we haven’t got a prayer
Oh no oh no, they’re selling off this air we breathe.

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