Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


I thought you were an angel, when I heard you sing,
I thought you were a rock to which a drowning man could cling
I thought you were the nectar, I thought I was the sting
I thought you were the pilot, you were walking on the wing.

It’s only fleeting, we’re only passing through
I know it feels like endless, but we’re waiting for the cue
Yes we have to live it, live by each mistake
Sometimes we even call it right, but mostly we just ache

The first ten times it happened, I thought it was ‘coincidence’
But then I sensed a pattern, and I lost my confidence
You try so hard to change it, but it laughs in your face
‘til the only choice that’s left you, is to lose it all with grace

Walking on the wing
I said I’d be there when you fell
But I could not break your fall because
Cos I could not break your spell.
Oh no I could not break your spell.

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Latin Quarter - Ocean Head

Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


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