Steve Skaith Band - Empires & Us


You find yourself reading letters that you corresponded once
In a script that looked so fragile, in an ink that boasted permanence
Reading the postmark like a riddle: how could the postage have been so little?
Meeting the postman on the path that you're sweeping now,
In the aftermath.
You're sweeping now in the aftermath.

You find yourself reading poets, they had authority
And a grasp of truth's true nature, that they have wrestled out of history
But to take them in order is not what you need,
Skip to the Moderns they are easier to read.
Beginning with Auden, ending with Plath
She's lending you words
For the aftermath.
She's lending you words for the aftermath.

There's a litter of leaflets from double glazing to finding Jehovah
Isn't it easier now that it's over?

You're hoping to find yourself in this library
You don't have to spell it out - you have been sentenced to liberty
So collect up all the items you have got for renewal
Except those ones that you used up as fuel
The heart has been cancelled, it's looking like wrath
But still in demand
In the aftermath.
Yes still in demand in the aftermath.

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