Latin Quarter - Tilt


The President of nothing, the ground beneath his feet
He's digging with his bare hands, the sedimented,
Suffocated layers of deceit

The President of nowhere, the borders closing in
When even as his dreams come true, they compromise
And minimize the space he dreams them in

One stone, the avalanche and what is swept away?
And who will tell of those who walked and those who crept away?
One stone, the avalanche and what is left exposed?
The ribs of bitter memory that never decomposed

The President of chaos doesn't know which god to trust
But getting by without one isn't easy since the certainties
Of science bit the dust

The President of absence in a discontinued post
Is finding out the hardest way to wrestle with
The unforgiving almost living ghost


What finds life when the ice thaws?
Ideas colder than cold wars

Chorus: to end - One stone, the avalanche

Song Description

Written before the dissolution of the Soviet bloc, it is about Mikhail Gorbachev trying to reform the Soviet Union but getting crushed in the ensuring political landslide. This is a song of its time.

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Latin Quarter - Tilt

Latin Quarter - Tilt


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