Latin Quarter - Mick and Caroline reissue


I'm standing hands in pockets
In a place that's damp and grey and famous
The air is sharp with accents
All announcing that 'they shouldn't blame us'
But a place that has its problems
Just took on another group

Thirty-eight in the Heysel, in one fell swoop.
Oh you can blame it on the fences, on the cops,
Or you can blame it on Juventus
They were truly continental
All those dirty pictures that you sent us
But in the cities desire to concur
How low must we stoop

To the slaughter of the innocence
In one fell swoop
To the slaughter of the innocence
In one fell swoop

Meanwhile back home in the studio
Are the clutch of bleeding hearts
Who season after season,
Wave the flag in foreign parts
But who scream for low and order
When their waving comes unstuck
With a message to the terraces
That they could not give a fuck

For the people of a city
Who have lost most in the turn to Europe
And who are left to scratch a living
Out of nothing but a washed out ball
Now all they get is the receiver
And the latest super snoop
Who prejudice just got confirmed, in one fell swoop

In one fell swoop
In one fell swoop

Song Description

In May, 1985, Liverpool played Juventus in the European Cup Final. The match was played at the Heysel Statium in Brussels. Before the match began, skirmishes between supporters turned into a massacre, a stadium wall collapsed and 38 people were crushed or suffocated to death – 38 innocent Belgians and Italians murdered by English football hooligans. The image of Liverpool’s fans as the ‘best in Britain’ was destroyed ‘in one fell swoop’.

And whilst the media and politicians back home in the studio scream for law and order they by their own actions themselves promote English Imperialism that is the root cause of English hooligans.