Latin Quarter - Pantomime of Wealth


She said it’s worse now boy
Than when you first stepped off the plane.
Corpses now at 10 cents a time.
There’s people here that you can just buy then betray
I don’t feel like this country is mine.
Government pendejos with their smiles and suits
Promises, excuses and lies.
A poor politician is a poor politician
They told the truth that time.

Senorita say
Gods packed up and went away
Packed up and took the key
Oh Mexico, Oh Mexico!

She said it never was perfect but just look around
Imagine what it could be.
These mountains, these lakes and these waterfalls
This music, these dances, these feasts.
Frida yes she was only just one of us
But her colours they speak for us all
And the best of us are trying but you’ve got to weep
When the worst of us are running it all.

Una guerra ridícula contra el narco en la que han y siguen muriendo personas inocentes.
Más de doscientos cincuenta mil hasta hoy
Miles de desaparecidos, hombres, mujeres y niños
Que ante los ojos del mundo no valen nada
Periodistas asesinados por reportar la verdad
Una verdad que el gobierno cubre con sangre.

A ridiculous war on drugs that continues to slaughter innocent people – more than 250,000 to date.
Thousands of men, women and children who have disappeared
Who seem to have no value in the eyes of the world
Journalists murdered for reporting the truth
A truth that the government covers with bloodshed.

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