Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


For all the trees I couldn’t see the wood
Then all the wood got set alight.
A single spark and love went up in smoke
And still it burns into the night
You ran me ragged and you scattered me
Like leaves sent spinning in the fall
Indifference blowing like a desert wind
There’s nothing growing here at all

I’m here in no man’s land
I’m lost in no man’s land
Can’t find a helping hand
Out here in no man’s land
I’m here in no man’s land
I’m lost in no man’s land
No one can understand
This is no man’s land

Since you left I’m like a town closed down
The streets are choked with tumbleweed
I’m working out at the abandoned mine
For half the money I don’t need
OK you never promised me a Shangri-La
You never offered me paradise
But where I am I just don’t want to be
It’s hard as nails and cold as ice.

It’s a lost horizon
You’ve left me nothing
To set my sights on
But an empty runway and an unpaid fare
In a window seat on a plane to nowhere.

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Latin Quarter - Ocean Head

Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


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