Latin Quarter - Pantomime of Wealth


Niamh, you have to believe
That when December hangs above your roof
The winter’s only half the truth
That smile of yours is all the proof you need

Niamh, no tricks up my sleeve
I’m not asking you to take a card
Or make a choice you find too hard
Life’s made of moments we discard and leave

Here’s an ancient saying that I just made up
‘It’s the drowning man who understands it all’
And I know you won’t be throwing me a lifeline
But maybe, just maybe, you could call…

Niamh, it’s you that I breathe
And my breathing tells me I exist
But barely since the last we kissed
Now I’m a paid-up pessimist in need

Niamh, don’t be so naïve
It’s beyond us to right every wrong
Took all I had to write this song
It’s summer now and far too long, indeed

Oh, Niamh,
Oh Niamh…

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