Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


Sometimes I forget I no longer share your bed
I can only touch you like a friend
But I like this man you’re with now, seems you’ve been making plans
Like the ones maybe we once had.
So restless, restless you
In this endless mystery.

And love, oh love,
How love can sometimes fall.
And love, oh love,
Can sometimes fall.

Had a dream last night a pretty clear dream
One of the clearest dreams that I have ever had
You put your hands on my eyes you said ‘Guess who?’
I guessed you
You said you were coming back.
I think I tried to believe you
You remain this perfect mystery

I sit and watch as time just passes me now
Getting faster every hour , every second, every day
Try to work out all the things that came between us
But I don’t buy this shite they talk about ‘Mars and Venus’
I think no one here knows very much at all.

Now, forever, sickness, and in health
All the promises we made
And then came all the sleepless nights
Waiting for your footsteps on the street outside.
Once thought I’d always love you
I guess you thought the same thing too.

Song Description

Not in fact a pessimistic song, just a realisation that we move on, time heals and emotions change. A kind of homage to serial monogamy!

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Latin Quarter - Ocean Head

Latin Quarter - Ocean Head


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