Steve Skaith Band - Empires & Us


We are just cells in collision in the absence of choice
Where the first of the slaps, helps in finding a voice
And a life is announced with a scream to the ward -
Hey you! Cut the cord.

From class to our classes we search for a thread
Please Miss, misdirected, misplaced and mislead
Where only the few know what they're working towards
Hey you! Cut the cord

Cut the cord, cut the cord and leave me forever unbound
Cut the cord, cut the cord, we should be flying
We should be flying, we should be flying
But we're still on the ground.

Dressing up on the weekends, we risked dressing-downs
For strolling the centres of neighbouring towns,
With just a little illegal so we wouldn't get bored
Hey you! Cut the cord

There are routes to the city and the cream of the crop
Where they buy at the bottom and sell at the top
They scrape and they scramble for a personal hoard
Hey you! Cut the cord.


  • AStudio Version (4:30)
  • BStudio Version (2:50)

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