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I Saw Ché's ghost
Up on the Sierre Madre
I was wondering what hurts him most
I was wondering what hits him harder

Is it Samora's plane
Off course for Maputo?
The engines choking in the rain
While from Predoria
The ring of the champagne glass


Is it a fetid flame
That burned in Santiago?
It had a human name
Rodrigo Rojas, but
Carmen, Salvemos!


Ché's ghost, Risen in La Paz
He walks the border with Brazil
Ché's ghost, everything he has,
You know, he gives it still


It's maybe you and me
All the things that we let go
The fight for liberty
To reach for status
And sweet security

I saw Ché's ghost
Up on the Sierra Madre…

Song Description

Che Guevara – The face on the T-shirt.
His principled stand against capitalism permeated his life and shaped everything he did. With his contagious idealism, limitless passion, and refusal to capitulate in the face of adversity, he blazed an extraordinary, revolutionary path through the second half of the twentieth century in Latin America and Africa.

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