Latin Quarter - Branded


I hurt her hard, she hurts me harder
She loves me well, I love her more
She calls me up and I'm there waiting
All this is true

She's the wind that turns my head around
She's the sun that burns my face
She's the light that never goes out
Sometimes it burns too bright for me to take
And I'm branded by her

I'm young at heart but she is younger
I've been around but she's seen more
My touch is strong but hers is stronger
All this is true


And then I'm branded by the pain and pleasure
Just like I'm branded by each memory of desire
Tonight she'll come and I will take her
But I know that it will still be me
That comes like skin to fire
I'm branded by her


Song Description

“Branded”….another love song. This time when I felt I loved and wanted a woman more than she did me. This is great for desire but very bad for peace of mind. But then, maybe love is not about having peace of mind! Only after the song was recorded did I realise the obvious image in the middle 8: ‘Comes like skin to fire’, obvious given the song is called Branded, instead of the one I had sung ‘like ice to fire’. So the booklet has ‘skin’ the actual singing ‘ice’.


  • AStudio Version (3:57)
  • BEdit (3:29)
  • CStudio Version (3:39)

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Latin Quarter - Branded

Latin Quarter - Branded

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