Steve Skaith Latin Quarter Revisited

In 1985, Latin Quarter released their stunning debut album ‘Modern Times.’ Twenty five years and several albums later, former Latin Quarter frontman Steve Skaith and

Steve Skaith on Mexile

After a six year absence Steve Skaith returns with a new band and a brand new album, ‘Mexile’ (Pläne Records). The former frontman of the

Steve Skaith in Mexico

Downtown Mexico City The plaintive cries and shrill notes of a trumpet punctuate the roar of the traffic and the hum of electricity the Mariachi’s

Mike Jones with Consumable

By Reto Koradi – Consumable, Issue 110, May 28, 1997 Some people may remember Latin Quarter from their minor hit ‘Radio Africa’ more than 10

Good Times with Steve Skaith

By Claudia Wedeleit Latin Quarter are touring Germany with a new CD. With new songs and a new band, Steve Skaith and Richard Wright are

Pop and Politics

For a long time this basic principle was regarded as incompatible. And yet socially and politically committed musicians like Billy Bragg and bands like the