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Outside a building as ugly as hunger,
An ancient woman kissed the Fifties goodbye,
With more than half of her life left to cling to,
She hung on and she clung on,
But she never knew why.

Shorn of a lover but left with a daughter,
Who gave birth to Marianne and then said goodbye,
In days made of years filled with months she remembered,
As always November and never July.

Too many secrets that she couldn't confide,
There's just erosion with no eros inside,


Oh, Marianne,
She's a Rebel,
She's a rebel with a cause too many...(cares)
Oh, Marianne,
She has a harbour but soon there won't be anywhere.

Take her to school or take her to China,
It makes no difference when sense says goodbye,
But you drew her a map and you gave her a compass,
You dug her a well and it never ran dry.


For all the woe there is in a woman,
There's still not enough
To slow a single second down.


Lied Erklärungen

Ich denke es ist ein brillanter Song. Die Idee kam durch ein Erlebnis in Deutschland – im Grunde handelt er davon, wie schwer einige Leute arbeiten, um den Menschen das Leben zu erleichtern, die in irgendeiner Art benachteiligt sind, besonders Eltern von Kindern mit speziellen Bedürfnissen und wie verwundbar Kinder im allgemeinen sind. Mike Jones

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