Latin Quarter at Rock for Peace 1987 GDR

The lyricist Mike Jones from Wales writes realistic, critical poems. He has got a friend in Liverpool, the musician Steve Skaith. Both meet in London and Mike's poems encourage Steve to compose committed songs. But no British group wants to perform them. They are all too straightforward and political. Without any frills they point out miseries in Great Britain and, above all, in Chile, Nicaragua and South Africa. In 1983 they look for committed young musicians. Precondition: talent and consciousness.

With seven members of most different backrounds and races, "Latin Quarter" was founded. They got to know about GDR rock and song fesivals for international solidarity, showed their interest - and "Rock for Peace 1987" obtained an extraordinary highlight. In Berlin, the crowded house of Palace of the Republic was thrown into ecstasies over 100 minutes plus encores by Steve Skaith (g, voc), - Richard Wright (g), - Greg Harewood (bg), - Carol Douet (voc, perc), - Yona Dunsford (voc, keyb), - Martin Lascelles (keyb), - Darren Abraham (dr). Elements from soul, funk, raggae and sythi-pop merge into a remarkable event in live rock scene.