I Am Refugee

This is just a song. It does not propose a solution to the refugee crisis – though I guess that would be a combination of serious and generous aid to existing refugee camps; humane and well-managed acceptance of refugees throughout Europe, the middle East and further; and an acceptance that some refugees will be temporary and others permanent. All monies go to

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Steve Skaith's new album 'Latin Quarter: Bare Bones'

Released in April 2015 on Westpark Music, the album consists of 10 tracks with a bonus track:

1. Swimming Against the Stream
2. Bride on the Bridge
2. America for Beginners
4. No Rope as Long as Time
5. Contention City
6. The Men Below
7. The Big Pool
8. Like a Miracle
9. Love Has Gone
10. The Weatherman
11. Wounded in Action - Becky CJ with Steve Jeffries

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Greg and Yona leave Latin Quarter

Sadly Greg and Yona have decided to leave Latin Quarter.

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New Latin Quarter album 'Tilt' released

Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter's new album 'Tilt' is now available. The album contains 10 new songs, composed by different members of the band and once again many lyrics by Mike Jones:

1. Nico
2. 50 Grams
3. Sometimes the Big Fish
4. Tilt
5. Marianne
6. The Cat
7. Once, Twice
8. Fireflies
9. Take It to Miriam
10. One Stone, The Avalanche

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Latin Quarter New Album for 2014

Latin Quarter have nearly finished their new album 'Tilt' which is scheduled for release in March 2014. The record contains 10 new songs, composed by different members of the band and once again many lyrics by Mike Jones. Guest musicians include Chris Rea.

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Latin Quarter's new album 'Ocean Head' released

The new Latin Quarter album Ocean Head is released today by Westpark Music (UK release shortly). The albums features the single 'Even Superman (is Dead) and ten others songs including 'No Man's Land', 'Miss Teen USA' and 'If I Believed in God'.

Ocean Head features five original members of Latin Quarter: Yona Dunsford, Greg Harewood, Steve Jeffries, Mike Jones and Steve Skaith.

The album is available on CD from and JPC or as a MP3 download, in addition to all good record shops.

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Latin Quarter German Tour 2012

Latin Quarter are to play 17 gigs in Germany beginning on the 22 February 2012 to promote the new album Ocean Head. The band will be playing songs from the new album as well as their back catalogue. Catherine Burke is the support artist and she'll be playing songs from her album 'Exes, Losers and Other Men (songs that make my Dad's eyes roll)'.

Latin Quarter will also being playing in London on the 5th April 2012 with further UK dates to be announced. For more information on the tour dates: Latin Quarter Music

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New Single - Even Superman (is dead)

Taken from the upcoming Latin Quarter album "Ocean Head" (Feb 2012)


Latin Quarter - Even Superman (is dead) 3:23min
© 2011 Westpark Music

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New Latin Quarter album and tour

Five of the original members of Latin Quarter (Yona Dunsford, Steve Jeffries, Greg Harewood, Steve Skaith and Mike Jones) are back working together after 21 years!

Keep upto date with all the developments visit A Little Latin Quarter forum and join the Facebook group Latin Quarter (Reunited).

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Steve Skaith Band - Latin Quarter Revisited

The new Steve Skaith Band album 'Latin Quarter Revisited' is now available. The album features reworkings of 11 Latin Quarter songs: New Millionaires, Radio Africa Continued, Something Isn’t Happening, Dominion, The Night, Eddie, Remember, Donovon’s Doorway, Heart Stop Speaking, I Together, Church on Fire. Visit

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