Latin Quarter - Mick and Caroline reissue


You settle the 7-year old down with a neighbour
She’s as good as gold.
Then you get caught on the step
You always vote Labour won’t they ever be told?
They’re holding you up you’ll miss night school.

Oh it is eerie to wander again
The chalk dusted classroom especially when
What you left them to get
Gave out like an old loom unthreaded again
You tug at the spool of this night school.

The teacher’s enjoying his role
The fount of all knowledge his eyes are like coal
You’ve started to drift
Get back to the college for your years of control
Don’t be a qualified fool from this night school

Sometimes you can’t help thinking
You’re all treated like asses
To be led and fed and buried by this idiot in glasses
Who has made it very clear
That he’s in charge of all the passes
Even as he guides your footsteps
By the light of his night classes

What to do with this pecking inside?
Let it take wing or leave it untied
Or be caught in his snare
Be snagged in his gold ring, it’s yours to decide
The lessons are cruel in this night school


  • ADemo (3:33)
  • BStudio Version (3:20)

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