Latin Quarter - Brining Rosa Home


You picked up a cross, said "How much does this weigh?"
And I watched you carry it every single day
And when I ask you, you say "Oh it's OK"

Oh it's OK, help is on its way
Oh yeah one day help is on its way

Well I've seen it deepen, this trouble in your face
Got your mother and the whole world on your case
And we're all stranded in this market-place


Well I've heard your story time and time again
Even think I get it every now and then
"The sky is falling", screams the crazy hen


Help us if you can
Help to save a sister and an oh-so-desperate man
Help us if you will
Help to make our fingertips grip the window-sill

But oh it's OK, help is on its way
Help is on its way, help is on its way
They say the time will come
We'll all be rich when they have won
That's what they say


Lied Erklärungen

Dies ist fast der psychotischste Text, den ich je geschrieben habe. Die Jahre von 1989 bis 1996 haben mir persönlich so viel abverlangt, das sie mich fast verrückt machten – manchmal kommt es so schlimm, daß du nur auf diese seltsame Art und Weise lachen kannst – „Hilfe ist schon unterwegs“? Oh, yeah!! Mike Jones

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