The Meridians


Waisted, like an hour glass
Another sixty seconds pass
Disconsolate in twenty denier
'Ano', 'Amas' has met its end here
A public place for private chaos
She sips a bitter sweet calvados
When every breath needs discipline
He left, and his ghost is moving in

Vanished all the plans she knew
Curtain up can't they hold the cue?
Dramatic art is what she trained for
Experience? Well she just gained more
But not the script with the Streisand sountrack
She traced in Braille across his back
Though this one needs its heroine
He left, and his ghost is moving in

He left, what's right?
Halloween comes in tonight
It's dark by one more spectre
The shadow of the man that wrecked her

Haunted in the dead of night
With day-light bringing no respite
The modern gothic weighs her down
Has Mary Shelley come to town?
She writes some lines from Coleridge
In the charcoal of her last burned bridge
'The life whose fountains are within'
He left and his ghost has just moved in

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