Latin Quarter - Releasing The Sheep


Stolen lives, maybe 12 million
To the Americas transported
But not all - 2 million overboard
Sick or refusing orders

Then the mills or the fields
Do as you’re told or there’s a flogging
12 hours a day, except the Sabbath of course
The master’s got to thanks his Lord

An awesome woman in a righteous rage
To those who say ‘move on, let’s just turn the page’
Imagine a different way that this could end.
Oh thank God it’s for equality and not revenge.

Can seem strange to talk of ‘white privilege’
When it’s just pay check to pay check.
What you get always the minimum
And that is all you’ll ever leave your children

But never lynched as the good folk brought their kids to watch
While a black kid walks to school through a howling mob
Never had to get up and give up your seat
And a cop would probably move if you said you couldn’t breathe.

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