Latin Quarter - Releasing The Sheep


Clearing a desk, papers to one side
“I’ll be five minutes more”, the oft-repeated lie
Dragging up from the chair, to grab a case
Attaching a smile, a going-home face
Withholding a sigh, pulls the door to
Wondering if it will be another day with you

Car full of clothes, life’s discarded heap
Where are the dreams of travel? Dreams of sleep
The unspoken worry, the solitary shifts
The regular callers and broken-down lifts
Absence of affection, those moments as two
If only they’d wanted another day with you

Dishwasher done, washing on a line
Cleared away breakfast, Gardner’s Question Time
The kids are growing, the lawn needs mowing
Another day with you

Unanswered phone, uniform all dry
Washing up alone, ironing piled high
Kids’ll be going, never knowing
Another day with you

Sunday morning awake, alone
A dog, a cat but one less person home
No visitors call , not expecting the knock
The music of ‘You and Me’ over a clock
Loud stirring of tea, one sugar or two
Whoever wanted another day with you

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