Latin Quarter - Angel


This was a long road
This was longer than I thought
Sometimes stranger, darker
I mean darker than I knew
There are times in your life
Feels so hard to be alone
And tonight I could not be alone
I was waiting here for someone like you

Come on Angel, smile on me
With the truest eyes that I ever saw
Come on Angel, walk to me
See I'm waiting for your mercy
To come knocking at my door

I've been told
I've been told I couldn't love
I've been scared 'cause I've known
That sometimes it was true
Even now in your arms
I wonder what is it we can trust
When desire and just a single night
Can tear up all the bonds we knew


From the shadows into this bright night
Oh come shine on me
From the shadows into this bright light
Come pass your golden life by me

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„Angel“… ein ziemlich einfacher Love Song, geschrieben in den atemlosen Augenblicken, wenn man am Rande der Liebe steht. (Nicht Mike Jones meistgeliebten Latin Quarter Songs! Ich glaube er findet, dass wir diese Art Lieder Bands aus Kalifornien überlassen sollten!) Steve Skaith

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Latin Quarter - Angel

Latin Quarter - Angel

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