The Latin Quarter Story - Part Three

The Discography

During their five years of existence, Latin Quarter have created an impressive back catalogue. All the albums are available on vinyl and CD. The singles and Maxi singles are especially interesting for their partly alternative versions and songs that didn't fit on the albums.

Along with this, the records were released with tasteful covers and the albums included German text commentaries. The vinyl should still be easy, but CDs are harder to find. Apart from 'Modern Times' none of the singles enjoyed much chart success. But it should still be possible to find the singles and Maxis cheaply at record fairs. It is too early to say if they will later become collectors items, even expensive rarities. But one thing is certain: there wont be too many of them around! At any rate, today a Latin Quarter collection is already an important part of the history of eighties rock!

In the following discography only the British singles and the German albums are shown, as the British albums are identical.